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TMJ August 15

August 15, 2013

The week has been a really tiring and busy week so far. I’ve been doing my best to catch-up with all the different assessments and lessons that I missed during the week I was in Thailand for a debate competition, the Asian World School Debating Championship. Even if I missed a lot of school, the experience I had in Thailand was priceless. I learned so much about life and I also got to meet unique individuals coming from 14 different countries. Without a doubt, it was worth it. However, it was also very tiring especially once I got back to school.  Right now, I feel a bit drained but I have no choice but to keep pushing on. 

I want to be able to do my best in this first quarter especially since its my 4th year already. Right now, I just got back my CLE reflection paper and I got really low. I need to be able to bound back from this. 

I know the next days won’t be easy, but with God’s help and hard work and effort, I know I can come out of this week and the next with a smile on my face!

Dear Jesus,

 Thank you for all the opportunities you have given me so far. Thank you for my Thailand experience where I really learned a lot, experienced novel things and met countless of unique individuals and friends.

Please guide me in the upcoming days as I take the first quarter exams. Please help me be able to stay focused no matter what. Please help me overcome all the temptations and distractions out there.

No matter what I may go through, I know that this is nothing compared to what you went through so with your guidance, I can definitely do this. Amen 

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