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Physics Performance Task – Consumer Products Quantities

July 24, 2013

Performance Task – Consumer Products Quantities




Are the measurements in the label true to the actual content of every product?




The exact measurements of the actual content will have minute differences with the given measurement in the label of the packaging.




Electronic Balance

5 packs of Sky Flakes

5 Goya Chocolate Bars

5 Ovaltine packs


Net Weight per single product:


Sky Flakes net weight: 25 g

Goya Chocolate Bar net weight: 38 g

Ovaltine net weight: 8 g



Lab Design and Procedure:


  1. Prepare materials
  2. Prepare and turn on electronic balance
  3. Measure every pack of Sky Flakes one by one
  4. Measure an empty pack (wrapper) of the Sky Flakes
  5. Subtract the wrapper weight from the weight you measured to get the final weight of the actual contents.
  6. Repeat step 3 and 5 for the rest of the packs of Sky Flakes
  7. Measure the 5 bars of Goya Chocolate one by one
  8. Measure one empty pack (wrapper) of the Goya Chocolate
  9. Subtract the wrapper weight from the weight you measured to get the final weight of each bar.
  10. 10.  Measure all the packs of Ovaltine one by one

11. Measure one empty pack (wrapper) of the Ovlatine

12. Subtract the wrapper weight from the weight you measured to get the final weight of the contents of each pack.




Initial Weight of Products

*Initial weight = weight with the wrapper



  Initial Weight of Sky Flakes Initial Weight of Goya Bar Initial Weight of Ovaltine
Pack 1/Bar 1 28.84 ± .05 43.39 ± .05 10.63 ± .05
Pack 2/Bar 2 28.18 ± .05 41.86 ± .05 10.49 ± .05
Pack 3/Bar 3 28.30 ± .05 41.30 ± .05 10.54 ± .05
Pack 4/Bar 4 27.88 ± .05 42.73 ± .05 10.57 ± .05
Pack 5/Bar 5 28.10 ± .05 42.02 ± .05 10.49 ± .05


Weight of the wrappers:


Weight of Sky Flakes Wrapper Weight of Goya Chocolate bar Wrapper Weight of Ovaltine Wrapper
1.00 ± .05 g 1.20 ± .05 g 0.90 ± .05 g

IMG_3425 IMG_3421 IMG_3429

Final weight of products:

*Final weight = weight of the product itself without the wrapper


  Final Weight of Sky Flakes (stated net weight on package: 25 g) Final Weight of Goya Bar (stated net weight on package: 38 g) Final Weight of Ovaltine (stated net weight on package: 8g)
Pack 1/Bar 1 27.84 ± .05 42.19 ± .05 9.73 ± .05
Pack 2/Bar 2 27.18 ± .05 40.66 ± .05 9.59 ± .05
Pack 3/Bar 3 27.30 ± .05 40.10 ± .05 9.64 ± .05
Pack 4/Bar 4 26.88 ± .05 41.53 ± .05 9.67 ± .05
Pack 5/Bar 5 27.10 ± .05 40.82 ± .05 9.59 ± .05
Mean 27.26 ± .05 41.10 ± .05 9.62 ± .05
Average difference from actual weight on package. 27.26 g – 25 g = 2.26 g 41.10 g – 38 g = 3.1 g 9.62 g – 8 g = 1.62 g




From the data I have gathered in this experiment, we can see that the actual net weight is different from the given net weight on the label. We can see that there is a small difference from the net weight stated on the package to the actual net weight.


For Sky flakes, there is an average difference of 2.26 g. For the Goya chocolate bar, there is an average difference of 3.1 g. For the Ovatline, there is an average difference of 1.62 g.


The good thing is that for all three products, the actual weight is higher than the stated weight. This means that customers get a bit more than what they pay for (although, the difference is really small and minute).




From the data and analysis, we can conclude that there is a small difference between the actual weight of the product and the listed weight on the package. This is seen not only in one product but in several different products and brands.




Based on all the data, analysis and conclusion, I can say that buying the products, Sky Flakes, Goya Chocolate Bar, and Ovaltine Candy is worth it because of the fact that you get a bit more than what you pay for.


Photo on 7-22-13 at 12.45 PM #2


Money is very valuable these days and people need to know how to use their money wisely. The economy is very fluid right now and every penny counts.


We cannot take this issue for granted. These days, consumers want to get the best value for their money.  Putting it in a more specific context, in the Philippines, poverty is very rampant and these people want to make sure that they use their money wisely and are not cheated by companies.


The items I tested, for instance Sky Flakes, are products that are widely bought and consumed by the masses. Food is a basic necessity for humans. We need food every single day to survive. Because of this, it is important to find out whether the net weight stated in the label is the actual net weight of the product.


There are differences between the actual net weight and the stated net weight because of several possible factors. First of all, these machines, like the electronic balance aren’t always that accurate. Machine error is still very possible.


The overall differences though for all the measurements we got from the electronic balance are mostly less than 1 g so we can say that although, the actual measurements aren’t that accurate when compared to the measurement in the label, the measurements were quite precise.


With these information, we can say that consumers, first of all, for the products I tested, get more than what they pay for. Secondly, consumers also consistently get more or less the same amount for every pack they buy.


From the overall study, I realized that the actual weight of these products aren’t exactly the same as the stated weight in the label. If you think about it, it’s actually very acceptable for it’s quite impossible to get every single product have the same weight as the label.


The nice thing about these differences is that it’s very small percent wise and relatively that it won’t really matter that much. Therefore, it’s safe to say that if you are a consumer of these products, go ahead, purchase the product and eat to your hearts content.



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