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The Power of Language in Our Lives

July 10, 2013

The Power of Language in Our Lives


Language is what helps us communicate, relate with each other, spread our opinion and give meaning to the different things in life.


It doesn’t necessarily mean when somebody says something is true because he did research, it means that it’s true already. It has to be backed up with verification from others and it is through language that the sciences are able to spread and people are able to understand what others have discovered.


Language also plays a pivotal role in the Social Sciences because every civilizations culture is unique and hand in hand with this is each one’s distinct language and means of communication. 


A certain language may be understood by one group but this does not mean, everyone in the world can understand it or will interpret it like that one group. However, it is also through language that people are better able to grasp the different theories in the world 


Language is also used in the field of art. There are many types of art, from paintings to novels, and in almost every type, language plays an integral role in helping people understand this art. 


All these areas of knowledge are means to help us better understand and relate to each other. It is through these areas of knowledge that we group up with both like minded and unlike minded individuals. What allows us to fully achieve this unity is language. 


Compared to the other areas, language plays an even greater role in religion. Because of the fact that religion doesn’t have scientific evidence to back it up, there is a need to explain the beliefs through language. 


In religion, we have scriptures like the bible that tries to explain to us our origins and also tries to give meaning and purpose to our lives. It is through language that we are able to interpret and understand these scriptures. Before the gutenburg press, people would only rely on those who had the scriptures and  word of mouth but now, we all have access to these scriptures and we are able to better understand and interpret them. 

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