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Chemistry in a Car

June 21, 2012

Chemistry in a Car


When inside a car, we comfortably rest on an expanded polyurethane seat, covered with strong polyester fabric.


Polymeric amines, polyalkylene glycol and polyolefin ester are added to gasoline. They also clean the carburetor or the injectors and inhibit corrosion.


The styrene-butadiene rubber of your tires helps give you a smooth and comfortable ride around town.


The brakes in your car contain a break fluid, a chemical compound that has borated polyglycols and additives, which guarantee that you stop.


The fuel tank is made with High Density Polyethylene, which is safe, light and eliminates the risk of corrosion. 


All these help make cars very efficient and helpful in our everyday lives. These help keep us comfortable each and every day. 



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