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SOP Reflection

February 6, 2012

My SOP experience last month is quite similar to the public ministry of Jesus for it was an act of service and love. This experience gave me an opportunity to spread God’s love to others. I am lucky, blessed and fortunate that I live a well to do life, so I should share these blessings that I have with the less fortunate. Just like Jesus, I tried my best to spread God’s love and treat the kids like my own brothers. The only difference was that Jesus did it at a much larger scale and was able to impact a lot more people. Hopefully, in the future, I get to participate in more activities like this.

This experience can be considered as a participation in the public ministry of Christ, for I am continuing what he started before. Jesus was the one who started spreading the word of God and His love. As a Christian, it is my responsibility to continue the mission of Jesus by spreading God’s love especially to those who need it most.

The whole SOP experience, was actually quite fun and at the same time challenging. It was fun for I was able to help other people and bring joy to the lives of the kids. At the same time, it was challenging to get up every saturday morning to go to school especially since I am used to waking up late and taking my time during saturdays. Having said this, I am now more than willing to wake up to spend time with our less fortunate brothers for the joy of helping others is just indescribable.

Aside from the challenge of waking up on saturdays, during the first session, it was a bit hard interacting with the kids for they were a bit rowdy and wild, but afterwards everything went smoothly. Getting to know more about them was essential for us to be able to plan activities and run it properly. During the last few sessions, they were more behaved and cooperative so we were able to make the most out of our time there.

From the whole experience, I learned many new things. This SOP program was an eye opener to me as to how lucky I am to be able to live a good life and study in a good school. I realized that not everybody is as blessed as I am and not everybody is given the opportunities that I have received. As a result, it is just right for me to make the most out of my life by working hard each and everyday and striving for excellence. Aside from just maximizing my talents and blessings, I realized that the greatest joy comes when you are able to share these talents and blessings with others.

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