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Saturday Outreach Program January 28

February 1, 2012

It was finally the final day. Honestly, during the start of this program, I was a bit lazy to get up during my saturdays. I usually spend my saturday mornings just chilling around the house and relaxing, but this activity changed that. In this last day, I can say that I will actually miss these saturday mornings that I get to spend with those kids. I was actually starting to enjoy my time bonding and playing with these less fortunate youngsters and also getting to spend time with my mentoring group.

Since it was the final day, we made different preparations and planned a farewell gift. Each of us students gave money in order for us to buy two electric fans that we would be able to donate. We were also lucky since one of our group mates was willing to shoulder the load for the food and bring more food on the last day.

So as usual, I got up this morning, prepared myself and headed to school. We actually left early this time, but had to return after one of our group mates called up and said that he had no ride. So, we had to go back and fetch them. Good thing, it was not that traffic and we were able to arrive only a bit late.

Being the last day, our adviser told us to prepare a lot of interactive games that will help us bond with the kids and truly leave a mark in them. So, our group prepared a lot of fun and entertaining games that required us to work by pairs. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the different games. A lot of us actually broke a sweat and gave our all in these games. Afterwards, we went into the house and played with the kids some boardgames and interacted.

After a while, the food arrived and we got ready to serve the kids with a feast. Our group mate brought pretty good food that everyone really enjoyed. When everyone was full and ready to say farewell to each other, we gave our gift and said our thanks. In response, the kids also gave a thank you card that they had prepared and did several dance and song numbers for us. From this, I can say that these kids are really talented and will hopefully be given a chance to grow into fine young men.

This experience as a whole has really taught me a lot of things about life and the real world. Not everyone is as lucky as I am, so I have to make the most out of what I have and the blessings God has given me. At the same time, I should share these blessings with others and work hard each and everyday. I can truly say that spending these saturday mornings with these kids was very much worth it. I can’t wait for the next time I get to have an opportunity like this and I am really looking forward to meeting more people and making others happy by sharing my time and blessings.

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