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Saturday Outreach Program January 21

February 1, 2012

Heading into the third week of SOP, I was pretty familiar with the routine already. I was actually getting used to waking up on saturdays and going to school. Today was another day of activities and getting to know our partners better. Honestly, I was actually shocked by some of the things I learned today.

The activities for this week were paper folding and watching an animated series. So to start the day, I woke up, ate a heavy breakfast, took a shower and headed to school. I then met up with my mentoring group and prepared for the days activities. We were lacking in materials but luckily, I had some bond paper in my locker. When everyone finally arrived, we headed to the SOP site.

When we arrived in the destination, the kids were pretty excited to see us again and greeted us immediately. It was really heartwarming to see them enjoy our presence and look forward to having us every saturday. They were pretty excited to watch the animated film we brought, Ben 10, since this shows was something they requested to watch ever since last week.

We started off with the paper folding activity. The kids were interested and very attentive in following the instructions. Paper folding, to me, needs a lot of concentration and attention to detail for every step and fold counts. I was surprised to see the kids were already so good at it and were even teaching some of my group mates how to make different origami folds. I was really impressed and realized how these kids are really intelligent and should be given an opportunity to shine.

After the paper folding activity, we watched Ben 10 while having our snacks. The kids were very excited and interested since we brought new episodes of their favorite animation. After these activities, it was time to make our plans for the final day. We headed home after another successful SOP day.

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