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Saturday Outreach Program- January 7 2012

January 15, 2012

Last January 7, 2012, I experienced my first saturday outreach program or SOP. I honestly did not know what to expect from this activity. I actually had mixed feelings when I heard that we would need to go to school every saturday for the next four weeks; but I realized the importance of activities like this after this session.


So I started the day by waking up early and preparing myself for the activity. I headed to school and after a while, we headed to the institute, where we would meet the kids who we would be teaching and playing with. Luckily, I had responsible and charismatic group mates, so we were all able to interact with the children in the institute. We all had fun and the feeling of giving time for these kids was irreplaceable. I was able to see how our presence brought so much happiness to these less fortunate children.


From this experience, I realized the importance of service and helping the less fortunate. I also realized how lucky I am to have a loving family and a well to do life. This activity helped me appreciate what I have more and not to take things for granted.

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